1. What is the problem or need that the product or service is addressing (fundamentally why will someone buy it/use it)?
  2. What is the solution you are proposing?
    1. How does it address the problem or need?
    2. Is the technology proven or what is the status of the technology?
    3. Are there any remaining technology risks?
    4. What is the status of the product development and remaining risks?
    5. What is the approximate timeline to complete development of the product or services, reach 510(k) or market entry?
  3. What is the intellectual property status?
    1. Do you have patents, how many, what status?
    2. Are there other types of knowledge protection?
    3. Do you license any aspects of intellectual property or technology know how?
    4. Who are your competitors?
  4. What is the market opportunity or total addressable market for your product or service?
  5. Who are or will be your customers and how will you reach them (distribution pipelines)?
  6. How will the product or service be paid for (hospital/doctors offices, direct to consumer, do you have or need cpt codes for reimbursement, is this in place or will this need to be developed)?
  7. What is the status of the company, do you have on market products or services, current financial status, current revenue and current burn rate.
  8. What is the management team and why will they be successful?
  9. What is the investor exit opportunity and anticipated timeline?
  10. What type of investment opportunity are you offering (debt, equity, etc) and what type of vehicle (convertible note, SAFE agreement, shares, etc)?

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