Dr. Michael Orrico, D.D.S.


Dr. Michael Orrico is a lifelong entrepreneur. He started his first business at 16 years old and quickly had success. While his educational path lead to science, earning a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 1995 from Northwestern University Dental School, his entrepreneurial spirit never diminished.

In a career spanning 23 years, he has built a highly successful, multi-million-dollar dental practice in Northwest Indiana. In addition to overseeing his vision-based dental practice, Dr. Orrico has served on numerous boards in advisory capacities and as a scientific advisor in the healthcare field. He has advanced training and experience in the areas of leadership, management, goal attainment, and communication, consistently delivering authentic and credible expertise, as well as adding value with each engagement. Dr.Orrico is an active Angel Investor, with a diverse portfolio of startups. He has invested in a wide range of industries including technology, healthcare, telemedicine, and cryptocurrencies.

Dr.Orrico attended Loyola University for his undergraduate work. He has advanced training and credentials within his field, including Fellowship in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, and as a member of the American Anesthesia Association and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentists. He is also a recipient of the Dawson Academy’s Complete Dentistry Award. He is a graduate of The Pride Institute and the High-Performance Academy. He serves as a motivational speaker, high performance motivational coach, mentor, advisor, artist, author, and musician.